Director of Estates Order 2013: The Allotment of Garages (General Pool In Delhi Rules. 1964

The Allotment of Garages (General Pool In Delhi Rules. 1964
(as amended upto September, 2013)

   1) The rules in this Division may be called the Allotment of Garages (General Pool in Delhi) Rules, 1964.

   2) These rules shall apply to the allotment of garages to allottees of such residences of Type-V(A) and Type-V(B) to which garages are not attached.

   3) They shall come into force on the 1st day of March, 1964.

SR-317-M-2:- In these rules unless the context otherwise requires:-

   (a) “Allotment” means the grant of a licence to occupy a garage in accordance with the provisions of these rules.

   (b) “Director of Estates” means the Director of Estates to the Government of India and includes an Additional, Deputy and Assistant Director of Estates.

   SR-317-M-3:- An officer who has been allotted a Type-V(A) or Type-V(B) residence to which a garage is not attached and owing a motor car shall be eligible for allotment of a garage in the locality in which his residence is situated.

Expected DA From Jan 2014 - Possibility Of Increase Of DA By 11%

   As per the present state DA has reached 90 %. At this juncture, Central Government Employees are eagerly waiting to know the percentage of increase in the month of Jan 2014. The DA increase in the month of Jan 2014 does have certain importance in it. Because when DA reaches 100%, there is a possibility of increase of certain allowances also simultaneously.

   As per the recent publication of AICPIN value, DA has reached the height of 93.93 % at present. During the coming four months, if the AICPIN value increases by 1point, there is a possibility of DA reaching the 100 % mark. Likewise, if the average becomes 2point, there is a chance of reaching 101 % as DA. During the ensuing four months, based on the value calculation of AICPIN, it would be possible to calculate DA accurately. Still, there is maximum possibility of increase of DA by 11 %