Exemption of Salaried Employees from Requirement of Filing of Returns for Assessment Year 2012-13.

   Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) vide its Notification No. 9/2012 dated 17th February, 2012 has exempted salaried employees from the requirement of filing the returns for assessment year 2012-13. The exemption is applicable only if all the following conditions are fulfilled:-

•    Employee has earned only salary income and income from savings bank account and the annual interest earned from savings bank account is less than Rs. 10 thousand.

•    The total Income of the employee does not exceed Rs. 5 Lakh (Total Income means Gross Total Income Less deductions under Chapter VIA).

Relaxation of condition relating to enhancement of age of superannuation of teachers in state institutions consequent of the implementation of the revised pay scales on the basis of 6th Pay Commission recommendations.

   The Cabinet today approved the proposal to relax the condition of enhancement of age of superannuation of teachers to 65 in state institutions for the implementation of the revised pay scales on the basis of 6lh Pay Commission recommendations and become eligible for receiving Central share of 80% of the arrear payment.

   It also decided that reimbursement of 80% of the Central share of the arrears be paid in 2-3 installments to those States who have already made the payment and submitted their proposals for reimbursements to the Central Government.

   The decision of Cabinet is expected to provide relief to teachers in State institutions with the payment of arrears. It will also benefit State Governments, who will be able to make the arrear payment in installments and also claim reimbursements simultaneously.

Out of turn promotion for sportspersons.

   The Union Cabinet today approved a policy to promote sportspersons for excellence in international sports events, by giving upto three out of turn promotions in their service career for winning medals in Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and World Championships. The sportsperson winning a medal or more than one medal in a Game/Team Events/Championships in a particular year will be eligible for an out of turn promotion in that year. Further record-breaking medal winning performance in National Games will also be considered for one out of turn promotion during the service career. Two out of turn promotions will be given for performance as a Coach, if he/she has trained a sportsperson who wins a medal in international sports events.

Clarification regarding Grant of second MACP to CPWD employees.


No. 8/1/2012-EC-X

New Delhi, Dated : 12.07.2012


Subject : Clarification regarding Grant of IInd MACP after 18 years and IInd MACP after 28 years after the grant of selection grade to the Work-charged staff of CPWD after 8 years of service.

   We have been receiving references from various field units of CPWD/PWD seeking clarification from this Directorate regarding Grant of IInd and IIIrd MACP after the grant of selection grade to the skilled categories of work-charged staff of CPWD on completion of 8 years of service.

Haryana Govt. Rate of interest to be charged on Various Loans and Advances.

No. 34/2/94-WM (3)

Principal Secretary to Government, Haryana,
Finance Department.

1. All Heads of Departments in Haryana.
2. The Registrar, Punjab and Haryana High Court &
All District & Session Judges in Haryana State.
3. All Commissioners of Divisions,
Deputy Commissioners & S.D.Os. (Civil) in Haryana.

Dated, Chandigarh the 16th July, 2012.

Subject: - Rate of interest to be charged on House Building/Motor Car/Scooter/Motor Cycle/Moped/Cycle/Computer and Marriage Advance granted to the Government employees and also fixation of rate of interest on General Provident Fund and other similar funds for the financial year 2012-2013.

   I am directed to refer to the subject noted above and to say that the matter regarding charging of interest on various loans and advances given to the Government employees including AIS Officers has been considered and it has been decided to charge interest on various loans and advances granted/sanctioned during the financial year 2012-2013 at the rates given below: -