Subscriber registration under NPS – NPS-Swavalamban



PFRDA/ 2013/15/POP/1

September 17, 2013

All POP’s, Aggregators, CRA & other stakeholders

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Sub: Subscriber registration under NPS – NPS-Swavalamban

   Presently Swavalamban Scheme subscribers can be registered either through Aggregators or through Points of Presence (POPs). In order to streamline the system to cater to the Swavalamban scheme objectives, it has been decided that with effect from 01/10/2013, registration of NPS-Swavalamban subscribers would be allowed only through aggregators on the NPS-Lite platform. In effect, no new NPS- Swavalamban subscriber registration would be allowed through POP’s on the all citizen model (UOS) on or after 01/10/2013.

Procedures for Resignation from Central Government Services.

Procedures for Resignation from Central Government Services - Ministry of Home Affairs

   There is available only one order about the procedures for resigning from Central Government Services, which was issued on 6th May 1958 by the Ministry of Home Affairs. After that no orders will be issued by the Ministry. We have reproduced the content of the Office Memorandum and given below for your ready reference...

   Copy of O.M. No.39/6/57-Ests.(A) dated the 6th May, 1958 from Shri.P.Sitaraman, Deputy Secretary to the Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi to all Ministries of the Government of India etc. etc.

Subject:-  Resignation from service-Procedure in respect of -

   Question have been raised from time to time regarding the authority competent to accept a resignation, the circumstances under which resignation should be accepted, the date when a resignation becomes effective, and the authority competent to permit a Government servant to withdraw a resignation which he has already tendered. The following instructions are, therefore, issued for information and guidance of all Ministries:-